Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Casey Wilson Might Secretly Want To Be My BFF

What I'm about to say might make you incredibly jealous, but it must be said: I think Casey Wilson might secretly want to be my BFF. Now, when I say secretly, I mean so secretly she might not even know it herself, but look at us - we're adorbs. We already look like besties. Perhaps the Universe has had this plan all along?
You might recall we initially met at a theater several months ago when I recognized her from being on SNL and she thought her dad had put me up to asking for a picture (he didn't, btw. As of yet, I haven't met her dad). I saw her again shortly thereafter and we took this cute pic (which has Max Winkler photobombing us in the background - hilarious).When I saw her again last night, she was coming out of the restroom and I said, "Hi, Casey" (because that's what you do when you're BFFs - see, we're even going to the restroom together now - nevermind that she went a few minutes before me. It still counts). It occured to me that she'd be a great interview subject for my reel I'm hoping to make (long story), so after the Q&A I gave her my card and asked if maybe we could do an interview for the blog.HERE'S THE BEST PART.....are you ready for this?!!? When I told her I had a blog she said, "Oh, I know. I've been there." Um, what now? Come again? Casey Wilson not only remembers me, but she's BEEN TO MY BLOG!?!!? I'm not going to lie: I *almost* had a heart attack. I *may* have passed out for two whole seconds, but I remained standing up so she didn't seem to notice. Holy freaking crap, people...I think this officially means I'm Famous. Yep, it's certain: That's it, I'm Famous, Casey Wilson is my new BFF, and Nick Rhodes is coming to take me on a date. Oh, wait. Is that last part not true?They're going to need to make room for me at this table, because Casey is going to want me to sit by her. I'm just sure of it.

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