Thursday, August 25, 2011

Enough Already

As a rule, there are certain things I don't like to talk about on my blog. A few examples would be politics, most reality stars (at least the ones I don't like), or anyone I think is overexposed or just bugs me. Even though I do make fun of people on my daily Celebrity Wrap Up, if I truly hated them, they'd never, ever be on my blog. You'll never see mention of that idiot who got married this weekend, any of her family, or anyone from The Hills. They get enough exposure in my opinion and my blog can be best used for other things. Still, I cannot keep my mouth shut about the exposure this monster (whom I will not name except in the pictures) is getting. If I have to read ONE more headline saying what she had for breakfast, where she is, or what she's doing, I will scream. The (ridiculous) trial is over and she needs to disappear into obscurity now forever.
Seriously, who is wanting to read about her? Anyone? Because I don't see a public outcry demanding to see her or know every detail. The only reaction I've observed is an overwhelming disbelief about our failing justice system. Now that the case is over, let's move on.
OK, I'm done with my soap box. I'm just sick of seeing her picture, her name in headlines, and anything have to do with her. Let's move on already.

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