Monday, August 22, 2011

Customer Service WIN

There's nothing I hate more than poor customer service - be it in a restaurant, at a store, or especially on the phone. I've spent far too long working in the industry to be fine with someone's piss poor attitude when trying to assist me. I won't have it. To my surprise and delight, the customer service department at was a total joy to work with. I'd ordered some (amazing) Hello Kitty shoes online last week which, sadly, haven't arrived yet. Boo! I had to call and see what happened and not only did they go out of their way to be understanding, but they fixed the problem quickly and efficiently and never made me feel like I was bothering them. My replacement order should arrive today. Wahoo!
Their motto is that they're a service company who just happens to sell shoes, which I love. And, true to their word, they are. Not only was my phone conversation amazing, but the email response from someone else was just as great. They actually said, "Aw, shucks! It looks like Krissy beat me to helping you." Who does that?I will definitely deal with again, as they made me feel valued and appreciated. Good work! Customer service WIN for sure!

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