Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Way Home

So, my latest obsession (not that I EVER get obsessed...ha!) is finding the quickest way home from work. I used to think there was only one way home from LA - Highway 101 - but that, my friends, is not the case. I can go on Highway 1; I can go on the 118; I can take the 5 to the 126 or the 118 to the 23. The possibilities are endless. Which way is my favorite, you ask? Whichever one gets me home the fastest. Actually, all of them have their positives - the 101 is what I know best and I can drive it blindfolded. Highway 1 goes along the coast and it's the most gorgeous drive on earth. The 118 has not one, but two Wal-marts on the way home and the 126 has a honey tasting area (not that I ever stop, but I appreciate seeing it anyway). The fallback route lately is the 126, which is technically longer, but has less traffic. I hate traffic. But I love the variety of my drives. I could literally take a new way home every day if I wanted to. How fun for me! :)

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