Monday, August 15, 2011

Beach Dog

The past few days I've been taking Sammy all the way down to the beach. Normally we just walk along the jetty and overlook the beach, but I decided to try to take him to the shore and see what he thought. My puppy LOVES the beach! Seriously, I've never seen him happier than when he's running along the shore - especially when he finds another dog to play with. I let him off his leash and he just runs and runs - chasing birds, daring the waves to hit him, digging in the dirt. He loves it. Please note that none of these dogs are actually Sammy, as I can't get him to stop long enough to take a picture of him. I thought this dog's expression best summed up the joy Sammy feels when he's free on the shore. Total bliss! So much fun.

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