Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why I'll Never Fly to California Again

I love driving long distances. If there's a choice between driving and flying, I'm almost always going to drive (unless it's to somewhere super far or that I don't know very well). I've driven between California and Utah approximately one million times in my life (only a *slight* exaggeration). I could make that drive in my sleep. However, sometimes I get tired of the drive. Having already driven there several times this year and then going again at Christmas, I thought it'd be better to fly for Thanksgiving. Sadly, I was wrong.Ironically, I thought the trip there (the day before Thanksgiving) would be the worst leg of the trip and gave myself plenty of time to get to the airport, get through security, etc. Of course, on that day I just walked right in and had hours to spare. The flight home was not quite as successful; in fact, it was one of the worst flight experiences ever. It started with both the check-in lines and the security lines being so long they went to the NEXT terminal. Then, I got behind some stupid princess who'd just won some pageant and had her face plastered all over her luggage, purse, button, etc (love yourself much?). It was awful. If I had to look at her cheesy, annoying face one more second I was going to scream. Plus, she had to take out her tiara and was slower than a snail. Once she finally got through the x-ray machine, the stupid mean airport guard chose me (me of all people!) to get a random search. Are you kidding me? At this point I had like ten minutes left to make my 7:45 a.m. flight and I thought I might lose my mind. I was wigging, but had hope that if I ever made it on the plane, all would be well with the world. Again, I was wrong. Not only did I have a huge man sit next to me so I couldn't move, I was on the aisle, and if people weren't hitting me as they walked by, they were stepping on my skirt. I've never been so uncomfortable in my entire life.

Needless to say, all future trips to California will not be via air. I'll be driving, so I have my own transportation and don't get searched, poked, prodded, and generally irritated more than I already am on a daily basis. LAX (and specifically the evil, mean guard who should have bad things happen to her): you suck.

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