Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday at the Movies

So, anyone who knows me or my Dad knows that we love going to movies. We used to alternate on which one of us would choose the flick, but now we just go with the flow (and then curse the person who suggested the movie for picking a dud if it's bad). On Christmas Eve, after a Chinese buffet that can only be described as completely terrifying, we went to see Invictus (Dad's selection), which was...interesting. While the acting was great and it was a subject I enjoyed learning about, I thought the rugby scenes went on and on - they could've trimmed it down by quite a bit. Still, as I had no intention of seeing it, I suppose it was better than I thought it'd be.On Christmas Day, we did a double feature - we started with Brothers, which was rather dark (and quite hard to watch with Toby Maguire's hideous hairstyle and gaunt figure) and then ended with It's Complicated, which was the perfect ending to our movie-going trio. Meryl Streep was amazing and the movie was a lot of fun. I wasn't disappointed at all. Loved it. Of course, once it was over we were pretty much movie'd out. I still want to see Sherlock Holmes....

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