Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray

Look out, world - someone's FINALLY on the mend. Wahoo! I feel like jumping for joy (except that it would no doubt make me cough and weeze). While not being totally 100%, I'm definitely feeling so much better. Thank goodness. I was really getting sick of all that sick stuff. Blech. I was trying to be tough and not even buying cold remedies (in the hope that if I didn't acknowledge the cold, it would be forced to flee). I'm so happy to be back to the living. I might even have the energy to dispose of all the tissues lying around my house. Wahoo!Unfortunately, I had to leave my house in Blizzard 2009, so it's not all peaches and roses today. Stupid snow. Ruining my day. Making my feet cold. I hate it!

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