Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holy Freezing, Batman!

In case you were wondering just how FREEZING cold it is here, this is a picture of the fountain outside my work. Um, yeah. Doesn't looking at it bring a chill? Stupid below freezing arctic temperatures and snow. What is the weather trying to do? Kill us? Sheesh. It's freezing outside, but inside at work the heater is on so high I might pass out. Where's the happy medium?To combat the five feet of snow piled up outside my place, I found these super cute shoes at Wally World yesterday for a mere $12! They'll be perfect for Sundance...I just need to break them in. I also found a great pink hat - it looks like the one Jennifer Aniston wore in Love Happens. Now's the time for me to stock up on super cute hats and scarves, as they'll be prominently featured in my Sundance pictures next month. Oh, and yes - in case you were wondering, the countdown to Sundance is well on its way.

1 comment:

Hiba said...

Let the countdown begin!

And glad I'm not the only one planning outfits already lol