Thursday, December 3, 2009

Color Me Stoked

Wahoo! Yesterday they announced the films which will be in competition at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. The best part about the announcement is the list of the directors and cast members...can I just say hooray? In addition to Orlando Bloom (YUM), Justin Bartha (aka the cute funny sidekick from National Treasure), and Ryan Gosling (triple yum) being in films, I'm most excited to see the following actors being directors this year:Mark Ruffalo: I love you so. Now, while it's true that I did see you my first year at Sundance when you sat right behind me, I was lacking in photo skills and thereby missed my chance. Here's hoping I'll see you and get a picture this year. Josh Radnor: I adore you on How I Met Your Mother and cannot wait to see you in person. Your movie looks good, too (romantic comedies always make me happy). Perhaps you can ask Neil Patrick Harris to join you? That would rule. Bring on Doogie!Jon Hamm: You know I'm completely in love with Mad Men right now. Seeing you in person will most likely make me squeal (don't judge me). I can't decide who I like more - you, or your delightful and hysterical girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt. Please please please come to the festival. Make me the happiest person ever.

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