Sunday, June 10, 2018

Skip This: Game Night

So, when Game Night was out in the theaters, I remember reading all this praise for the film. I kept hearing how funny and entertaining it was.
I'm starting to wonder if I watched a different film because I didn't really enjoy it at all. Sure, there are some mildly entertaining parts and Rachel McAdams is always enjoyable (Bateman, however, is the always predictable Bateman character he's been playing since he was on Silver Spoons), but overall, it was just a big meh from me.
Keith wanted to know if he should keep it another night (since we got it at Redbox), but it can definitely wait to be seen on cable (if at all). 

*Full disclosure: I did watch this while home sick with a miserable cold, so it could have caused everything to be unfunny. Not sure. Just throwing it out there.

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