Thursday, June 28, 2018

Cutest. Phone. Case. Ever.

Here's the thing: I LOVE my iPhone. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. However, I also have a tendency to drop it on a regular basis (I'm not proud of this fact, but it's the truth). Because of this, I've taken to always using an Otterbox case which keeps my iPhone protected. The problem? They're durable and strong, but not necessarily cute.
What I really wanted was a case that had pink glitter, but usually those are flimsy and break by just looking at them. So, I had to keep using my boring dependable case because that was the grown up thing to do. But then at Denver Comic Con, I was handed a phone that had a glitter case AND was durable! Say it wasn't so! Luckily the fan sent me the information and I was able to order one for myself. I LOVE it! Now I can stare at the beautiful pink hearts and glitter anytime I want. Score!

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