Thursday, April 12, 2018

Silicon Valley Comic Con - Part Two

There was a lot to see and costumes to admire at Silicon Valley Comic Con this past weekend.
Speaking of a lot going on, this picture has way too much going on. What to even focus on?
I'm just going to say it: This "costume" feel lazy.
The fact that someone cosplayed as The Rock's hilarious fanny pack picture brought me so much joy.
Do you think they like Doctor Who? 
She must be hot.
The Addams Family!
I think I finally got a video to work? Just pretend it has sound because I failed. :(
Magikarp hat for the win!
This was the coolest piece. Each person had their own pics and a place to sign on the bottom.
Here's a closer look.
Take back what you said about Thor!
Another great Fox and the Hound piece!

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