Saturday, April 14, 2018

Pinky's Fandance - David Straitharn

David Straitharn feels like an actor's actor to me - someone who's very skilled in his craft, but doesn't bother with all the modern trappings of fame. I don't see him in the tabloids, I'm pretty sure he doesn't really have social media (he doesn't appear to from a quick scan), and he isn't really out and about. 
When I asked him for a picture, he paused for a second, said, "Sure!" in a jovial way, and then, right before we took the picture, said, "I hope this doesn't become a thing." Oops. Immediately I felt bad for my fellow collectors who were also patiently waiting for their pictures. From what I heard, he still did others after me, but didn't seem happy about it (which didn't surprise me because I never really pictured him being super fan friendly. I mean, he'd be polite, but I doubt selfies are his jam). Love this pic, though, and am so happy to have met him. Have long admired his work. So talented!

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