Thursday, April 26, 2018

Pinky's Fandance - Simon Cowell

For years I've heard how incredibly nice Simon Cowell is. I loved hearing all the stories about how sweet he is to fans. After finally meeting him in person, I can totally verify this claim!
I'm not sure why, but something about him kept making my camera blur out. I mean, I got a picture with all four judges and the host, but those pictures all turned out fine. Only with Simon did my camera freak out.
Was it his magnetic personality? Ability to spot great talent? Animal magnetism?
 Whatever it was, I really appreciate the fact that he kept letting me try until we got one right.
Of course, I had to hand my camera over to someone else to actually take the picture, but no matter. I even got to thank him for One Direction (and Harry Styles specifically). :) LOL.

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