Sunday, April 29, 2018

Less Than Stellar

Over the course of FYC season, there will be good events, great events, and, yes, some not-so-great events. This, sadly, was the latter.
Now the show itself was interesting. At first I didn't like it, but then it kinda grew on me, mainly because Benedict is a force of nature. Like, seriously, he's SO good.
Unfortunately, that skill does not translate into fan friendly, but I already knew that going in.
The panel was way too long, the food was minimal, there was one crowded bar, the event was upstairs and outside, and the stars didn't really mingle aside from just wanting to be seen, which isn't really appreciated. Seriously, they should have just not come to the reception if they didn't want to meet anyone. Seriously. Others have done so - I mean, it's a bummer, but at least you don't feel shunned.
Also, I was so distracted by these pants. Why is the dark part attached? Is it a unitard?
And the girl in the leather pants...why is she wearing undies? I get the need because leather...but it's just not overall a good look. Still better than the event, though.

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