Monday, November 21, 2016

Early Drama

So, you know how Thanksgiving can bring out the worst in people? Apparently the Thanksgiving drama is just starting early in my world. My heart is tender right now and I'm not really sure what to do. Last week my sister started lashing out at me and basically called me horrible names and told me not to come to Thanksgiving dinner. Fine. We won't.
But, that totally sucks because I didn't do anything wrong and now I'm being punished by not being with my family on Thanksgiving - which is usually the time I'm always with family. If I'd done anything wrong, I might be tempted to call and apologize, but I didn't. I was just on the receiving end of her rant and didn't deserve any of the vitriol coming out of her mouth.
As it's Keith's mom's birthday, we were planning to spend at least half the time at her house anyway, so I guess now we'll just be there for the whole day instead of half. But, it still sucks. I told my dad to have dinner with my sister because I don't want him to be alone, but he thinks that's taking sides (it's not). Along similar lines, I just found out another family member isn't coming to visit as they do every year and it totally hurts my feelings. If I could go wherever I wanted, I would go and see them (and we have been out that way several times in the past few years - for a funeral, a wedding, etc). Unfortunately, I'm completely out of vacation time and am unable to go anywhere else for the remainder of the year. Otherwise I totally would.
But, I'd been really looking forward to spending time with this family member who has been traveling all over the world lately - but, apparently, seeing us is just too much of an inconvenience (?). I've been patiently waiting for all the traveling to be over so we could finally spend some time together, but for no reason whatever, I get told they're not coming. I don't get it. What did we do wrong? Why is it on us to make the effort when it shouldn't even be about that? It's hard to watch this family member travel all over the place EXCEPT here. Normally they come out a few times a year...I think this year they've maybe been here once. But NOT for the holidays at all? Really? Why wouldn't you want to see your family? Because I sure want to see mine. I guess I'm being too sensitive, but life's too short to not be with the ones you love or to fight about stupid stuff. I don't want to fight. I just want to understand why seeing your family members wouldn't be something you'd want to do. That's all. Look, I'm not judging anyone's decisions here. Everyone can do whatever they want, live however they want, spend their time/money on whatever they want. But, at the same time, I'm entitled to feel the way I feel, as well. And I'm hurt. That's all.

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