Saturday, November 5, 2016

Pinky's Fandance - Joanna Cassidy

So, just so you know, Joanna Cassidy pretty much RULES. Seriously, I loved her.
Keith has always told me what a sweetheart she was, but I was only able to meet her for the first time last week (OK, fine, I'd seen her once before, but it was a crazy moment and probably wasn't the best time to bring up the fact that I was Keith's wife. I wanted to meet her when I had him with me anyway, so it all worked out).  
The top picture we took on my iPhone and the picture below this was taken with our camera. See how much better pictures turn out on a camera? :)
Plus, I love Keith's expression. Priceless!
Joanna took her own picture and posted it on social media (oh, and she also liked my pictures AND commented - how awesome is that?!!?). See, I told you. Total sweetheart. Thanks, Joanna! You rule!

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