Friday, November 18, 2016

Odds & Ends

We had a lot of fun experiences over the weekend in Chicago. I tried to take pictures anytime anything was especially cool. 
Someone brought in this cool collector's card for Keith to sign. I had him pose with the front and the back.
Neat, right?
Some adorable fangirls made themselves these autograph books. I loved them so much. They reminded me of the ghetto (I mean that in the most loving way) Duran Duran scrapbooks we made when we were little when we'd cut out any picture of any of the Duran Duran boys we could find and glue them in a notebook.
Plus, Keith made the cover! Score!
Finally, I've met BOTH London brothers and not just the same one multiple times thinking I was meeting both. Duh. This is definitive proof I've now met them both.
Oh, don't mind us...Luke was just telling me a secret (ha! I wish).
This fangirl wore this amazing shirt - isn't it the best?!?!
We totally need one of these in our life!
Probably the coolest part of the convention was when we were waiting for our 90210 photo op and I watched Tori Spelling fangirl out over Keith. When she saw him, she started hitting Kelly Taylor Jennie Garth and going, "That's the guy from Adventures in Babysitting! That's the guy from Adventures in Babysitting!" It was adorable. We, of course, had to send her home with some merch for kids and this shirt for her. She loved it!
Also fun? I came back to our booth and saw one of my 90210 magnets scribbled on. At first I thought it had been vandalized, but then I noticed that Vincent had just signed it. Duh. So. Freaking. Cool.

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