Monday, November 21, 2016

Sammy Paws

This weekend we took Sammy to see Santa at the annual Santa Paws event in Ventura. I've taken him every year since he was born and I love how the pictures come out (and how it's the same Santa every year). 
If you asked Sammy how he liked it, however, he would say it was torture. Look at his sad face. Awww.
Here he was hoping no one saw him dressed like this.
He rejected our outpouring of love.
But at least he snuggled in for some loves.
Look at his sweet face. How can you resist it?
I love how he's looking at his daddy for help here.
Not getting what he was looking for, he then looks to mom for more help.
Finally, he settles in with the big man for some pictures.
Isn't he the sweetest?!?
This one is probably my fave.
Or maybe this one. Love my happy little family!

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