Friday, November 18, 2016

Rewind Con Set-Up

Here's our cool set-up at Rewind Con. It ended up working in our favor that they forgot to give us a table...or print us a banner (ahem). I'm not even going to get into that part right now. What matters is that the end result was the perfect spot by the door with plenty of room for our sign (which thankfully we brought even though we almost left it at home) and our awesome backdrop from Adventures in Babysitting which made for really fun photo ops. 
I still want to find the "perfect" set-up, but I think we're doing better. Now we just need to work on our pricing (as I think it might be a little low). While we don't like gouging fans, at the same time it felt like we gave way too much away and could have done better (which would have helped considering we flew ourselves there).  
On Saturday especially we were really busy. I snuck a picture of our line at one point. The day flew by, but boy is it exhausting!

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