Monday, May 2, 2016

Prince Party

One of the first things I did upon learning that Prince had passed away was to text my friend Tracy from high school, as she was pretty much the biggest Prince fan I knew. Tracy and her sister Lisa have always loved Prince, so I knew his passing was going to be really hard on them.
So it was no surprise to learn that Tracy was throwing a Prince party in honor of The Great One. Here we were all decked out in our purple finest for the event.
On our way, we stopped by our friend's theater in Hollywood and ran into Leonard Maltin. He and Keith had a great chat and both grabbed selfies with each other.
The Prince party was epic and everything we would have wanted.
I love this shot with Lisa and Tracy - such a fun night!
 And, yes, the Prince altar was amazing.
The next day we received this incredible art piece from our friends at Rainbow Alternative. Love it so much! Perfect treat.

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