Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Birthday Trip Part Two

So, the last few years, whenever we stay at SeaVenture, we'll have dinner at McClintocks nearby. While we normally love it there, the last time we went our experience was less than stellar and it's pretty pricey to boot. Adding to this, we also have a steak dinner on my birthday with my dad at Outback, so having two nights of big steak dinners is a lot. 
Instead, we decided to do Splash Cafe for dinner, which was the perfect call. Normally we'd have it for lunch before heading back home, but it's so filling that it then ruins our dinner. This was we had the best of both worlds.
I mean, come on. Who could pass up this delicious feast?!?!
Keith was stoked! Yum!
Here's a shot of our hotel as we walked back.
As you can see, it's right on the ocean. Rough, right?
If you look very closely at this picture, you should see a little house. We'd never noticed it before, but it looks like the hotel was basically built around it. Way to stand your ground, little house!
Awww, the beautiful sunset...
With an event better view!!!

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