Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Birthday Trip Part Three

Our amazing birthday trip sadly ended on my birthday (insert tears here). 
Before we checked out of heaven the hotel, we enjoyed some refreshing mimosas on the patio. This sign made us laugh, though - specifically, the second to last sentence on the bottom: "Water attracts children." Um, our hot tub was a private tub on the balcony of our room. Were children just going to appear?!?
Again, our incredible view....
And my adorable hubby...
This is Keith's artsy shot of our refreshments.
This sign was in a shop at the beach and it made me laugh.
After we checked out, we headed over to Avila Beach. This was the beach where we spent many, many hours growing up. In fact, this was the exact spot we'd sit every week.
Well, it was either there or way back in the cove past the mountain in this shot.
Lovely way to spend a birthday.
Check out this hottie.
We walked down to the rocks and checked out the sea anemones.
So fun!
Pink seaweed!
Beautiful area.
This sign, interesting to say the least, considering this was the area I'd mentioned where we spent a lot of time in our youth. Specifically, we spent a lot of time in that water. Oops.
Loved this tiny, perfect sand dollar I found! Perfect day at the beach.

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