Sunday, May 29, 2016

Robert Smith is Everything

Last week, sitting in the beautiful theater and listening the melodic and gorgeous voice of Robert Smith play all my favorite songs, I became entranced with watching him sing. I was mesmerized. The longer I watched, more memories flooded my mind about just how important his music has always been to me. Ever since my cousin Netty turned me onto The Cure in 1989, it has been my all-time favorite band. Yes, even more so than Duran Duran. 
Not only has Robert Smith's music provided the soundtrack of my life, but his voice is oratory Prozac to me. Nothing on earth calms me down as much as hearing him sing. I can't explain it, but it's hypnotic to me. It's everything. It instantly calms me down in a way that nothing else can. Oh, and just in case I needed more proof of my love for The Cure, I sang, "Lovesong," to Keith on our wedding day. I love Robert Smith. I love his music. I'm so grateful for his gift and his songs and the incredible gift he's given to his fans of his work. If I ever met him, I doubt there's anything I could possibly say to him that he hasn't heard a million times. I mean, I don't really feel like I have anything remarkable or unusual to say about how much he means to me. But, I would love to have that chance all the same. I'd probably cry. Who am I kidding? I'd definitely cry. Like a baby. But, maybe, just maybe, he'd hold me like a doll....

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