Monday, May 23, 2016

The Cure Concert

Just in case you didn't know, The Cure is my all-time favorite band. Yes, even more than Duran Duran.
So, basically, this was my face when I found out they'd be touring this year. The only problem? We hate seeing shows at the Hollywood Bowl and I wasn't sure where else they were playing.
Upon searching, I found seats in the lawn section for only $25 in Chula Vista. Now, I'll admit, I had no idea where Chula Vista was and, in fact, thought it was down near Huntington Beach. So, imagine my surprise to find it was not only near San Diego, but further away than San Diego. Oops.
Still, the drive surprisingly wasn't too terrible and it did get me to see Robert Smith, so all is well in the world.
I will love Robert Smith until the day I die. He is everything.
We were very excited when we got to the parking area and went to get in line for the show. 
There was a gorgeous sunset happening as we waited for the show to start. Beautiful night all around.
How great did Keith's shirt look?
Also, a pink Cure shirt? I was in heaven!!!
See, even Robert likes it.
We got great seats on the lawn with no one in front of us. Perfect night! A little cold, but still great.
The first amazing song - with a pic from my iPhone. Yes, we were all being hypnotized.
See how excited we were?!!? :)

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