Sunday, May 1, 2016

FYC Fargo Panel

We were lucky to be able to attend the FYC Fargo panel the other night and had a blast.
To be honest, I'd never seen the show and didn't really like the movie, but I've gotta admit that the episode they showed us was really good.
This was us right before it started after they treated us to popcorn and goodies.
The cast did a little photo shoot after the Q&A.
This was one of the coveted items of food.....well, to be fair, any bit of food was coveted, since they decided to barely serve any at the reception. Every time a waiter came out, they were practically mauled by hungry attendees!
The Paramount logo was really cool, though. Of course we had to get a shot with that!
Awwww....look at that handsome boy!

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