Tuesday, May 8, 2012

An Open Letter to Ginnifer Goodwin

Dear Ginnifer Goodwin,

We need to talk. Long ago you were sweet and lovely and adorable to watch onscreen. I loved you. I wanted to be your BFF.
Remember this girl? The awesome BFF on Win a Date with Tad Hamilton? Where did she go?
I understand you've got a hit show and mountains of fame and invitations to fancy events every night. And that is AWESOME! Kudos. You deserve it. I'm sincerely happy for you. My only question is: Why must you make this face on the red carpet?
I mean, seriously, do you think it's attractive? Because it's not. You've got such a gorgeous smile (and a hot, charming boyfriend to boot - see what I did there? You're dating your real-life Prince Charming...I know, I'm hysterical). Where did it go?
Again, this IS NOT IT. This is a mean face. It scares me. Combine your look with the multiple reports back that you're no longer nice to fans and it makes me sad.
Oh, wait. Is this the face you're trying to recreate from Win a Date with Tad Hamilton? I mean, it's not the one we've been hoping for, but if it's what you're going for with those ridiculous faces, then you're nailing it.

Please start smiling again. We miss your smile.

Pinky Lovejoy

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