Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Screw You, Wells Fargo

So, get this - as if it weren't bad enough that my whole London trip was a debacle, when I FINALLY got my airline refund from Sundance London, it was short $20. Strange, I thought. I checked with the sender and they assured me they sent the full amount, but said maybe there was a conversion fee or something. Odd.
Now, I've never done business overseas, so I don't know about any of that mumbo jumbo. I figured it sounded fairly reasonable, I suppose, and at the very least I got most of the money back, right? Imagine my surprise to check my bank records yesterday and see an additional charge - a wire deposit fee of $15 - deducted from my account after the $20-short-amount was received. Um, WHAT?!!?
I tried calling the So-Unhelpful-He-Should-Be-Shot-And-Quartered-Customer-Service-Person yesterday and was dissatisfied to say the least. All I wanted to know was why it cost me $35 to receive money and his response was, "I don't understand the question." I said, "You don't understand the word 'Why'?" Finally, instead of my usual, "Thank you for NOTHING!" I told him, "You've been no help to me at all. Good-bye."
In summary, in case we're keeping tabs, not only did I have to pay for my passport, lose a week of wages, and pay for my lodging in London (that I didn't stay in), I'm also now having to pay an additional $35 just to get my money back for the flight which took me directly to a horrid holding cell in London for 18 ungodly hours. I've lost time, I've lost money, and I've lost my patience with this whole experience. Screw you, Wells Fargo!!!

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