Thursday, May 31, 2012

Survived A Battle (AKA The True Blood Premiere)

Last night was the premiere for the new season of True Blood. All I can say about it is...I survived. Part of me really didn't want to go, because I already have pictures with most of the cast and having to wait all day in a barricade is really, really, really horrible. I mean, don't get me wrong, it can be fun, but on days like yesterday, it was not a joy. It was a battlefield. I have bruises. I feel like I went to war.
Luckily my cute friend Scotty was able to save a spot for me until I could get off work. Yes, I did get out of work a wee bit early, but I definitely wasn't in the barricade at 7 a.m. like the others (more like 2:30 p.m.). Ugh! The premiere wasn't until 7 p.m.! Of course, how could I stay away when my true love, Sam Trammell, would be in attendance? I mean, he had to have support from his #1 fan, right?!?
In honor of the premiere, I made this adorable necklace to wear in support of my TLF. He loved it! In fact, he actually said, "I love ya, Pinky." Did you hear that, world?!?! HE LOVES ME!!! Sadly, I was looking around for a video camera so that I could hear him say it to me over and over and over again, but no matter. I'm sure I'll hear it on a constant repeat in my head for years to come. Wait, what?
I think this is a pretty good view of my horror. See behind me? Yeah, that's just one side. There were approximately a million people pushing directly behind me. Well, perhaps that's a slight exaggeration. But it sure felt like a million!

Overall I'm glad I went. I ended up getting 25 pictures and even a few autographs for my friend Chuck in Texas. Wahoo! Successful day for sure; I just wish it didn't leave me so beat up afterwards.

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