Thursday, May 31, 2012

Is It A Guy Thing?

As I work in a predominantly male atmosphere, I've noticed one very interesting thing: They wear the same clothes. A lot. Like, every day. As a girl, of course, I'm prone to notice such things. I mean, I understand wearing the same pants or skirt more than once a week, but the exact same thing? For five days straight? I can't tell if they have five of the same shirts, or they wash them every night and then re-wear them, but just about every single guy here wears the same thing (not a uniform, their own thing), every day of the week.
Now, obviously, I don't care. I don't think it makes them any less of a person, I just find it curious. I'm horrified if I wear the same thing in a month (but, then again, I do happen to have mountains of clothing in my closet). Of course, when I go home, I've got a few standard "uniforms" I wear (read: lounge clothes). There's nothing better in the world than lounging around in your comfy clothes...which is maybe the point? Perhaps they're wearing comfy clothes to get through the drudgery of everyday life? But it's probably not as complicated as all that. They probably just don't care.

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