Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Disenchanted Princess

Have you ever heard of the Five Emotional Love Languages? I've probably talked about them before, because I think they're fascinating. Generally, the idea is that everyone feels loved in different ways - either by Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Gifts, Acts of Service, or Quality Time. While we can all feel loved by someone doing any of these to us, most people have a top choice, or a top few choices. When you figure out how someone is best able to feel loved, then you can begin communicating that to them better. Does that make sense? For primary love language is gifts. Now, I don't mean some fancy could be a flower you found in the yard, or a little handwritten note on a post-it. But that's how I feel loved. By contrast, my ex-husband's primary love language was Words of Affirmation (which, frankly, don't really do anything for me). Because I didn't know how this worked back then, I would express my love to him by gifts (which did nothing for him) and he'd express his love to me with words. Therefore, neither of us really felt loved - or at least as loved as we should.
Now, why am I bringing this up, you ask? Because it's almost my birthday, which means gifts! Of course, means that a different problem arises - that it's the wrong gift or a stupid gift (not that the thought doesn't count, because it does, but am I really that difficult to shop for??), but because gifts are my primary love language, I take gifts too personally. So, if someone gives me, say, a baseball bat (and I don't play baseball), I will not feel very loved. I don't really know why I'm telling you all this; maybe to explain why I relate WAY TOO MUCH to this comic. I guess I'm just a disenchanted princess.....sigh....

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