Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Many Faces of David Spade

So, I realize the face David Spade is making in our picture is a bit, well, interesting. I mean, I suppose the argument could be made that he's getting ready to kiss me, but let's not get carried away. The people who were waiting at Kimmel with me told me that Spade always make silly faces in pictures - the pursed lips and peace sign/hand sign being his fave.
Obviously, he's rocking it in my picture. But, I was just some random fan. Would he do it with anyone important?Oh, look. Here he is with his daughter and he's rocking the look yet again. Shocking.Say what? Are you talking to me?Who loves you, baby?No need to seduce me with those eyes, lover, you know I'm already yours.Now, it should be noted that my love for David Spade is not only deep and true, but also long-lasting. I've loved him since he was the sarcastic receptionist on SNL and doing the Spade Minute and making fun of everyone. He kills me. Oh, and Tommy Boy? Genius.Now, don't worry about me being crazed and getting a David Spade tattoo, because that's insane even for me. Well, wait. What if it's his signature tattooed on my arm? That might work. :)

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