Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An Attitude Only A Sister Could Love

Last night as we were fervently loading up the truck (big thanks going out to Erin, Spenser, Tracie, Mark, Marshall, and Betsey for their awesome help), I started getting cranky. We'd been going for almost four hours and I was beat down. It was hot, the big things were in the truck, and I was pretty much ready to be done. Plus, as I've mentioned, I'm sick, which really isn't helping the mix. Luckily, my sister knows me like the back of her hand (we can pretty much finish each other's sentences and sometimes don't even have to speak to communicate), and simply said, "I know that tone. Kristen's done and pretty soon she's going to flip out. I think we're done." She didn't do it in a derogatory way, by any means, she was just telling everyone around that I was close to losing it. Which I was. Sometimes you forget how nice it is to be around someone who knows you that well. I love that. I'm so lucky to have close family and friends.

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