Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday!

As I was driving into work today, the radio announcer mentioned that today's celebrity birthdays include Carol Kane, Isabella Rossellini, and Roger Ebert. As I just happen to have a picture with all three of them, I thought it only fair to share. :) Carol Kane - the wacky character actress from Scrooged - was performing in a play in LA a few weeks ago. Obviously she's thrilled to take a picture with me.
Isabella Rossellini was just sitting in the audience at Sundance one year. She seemed rather surprised to be recognized (although I'm not sure why. Hello, she guest starred on Friends).
Ah, Roger Ebert. Totally nice and normal and always willing to take pictures with and of people. Too bad he's now missing half his face. While I admire him for his strong battle against cancer, I really think he needs to stay home and not be in front of the camera. Seriously, happy birthday and best wishes, Roger, but your partial face gives me shingles.

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