Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fandom Fest - Day One

After our long day of travel, we arrived at Fandom Fest not really knowing what to expect. We'd spent the week reading everything online about all of the guest cancellations and weren't really sure what to make of everything. Still, we decided to have fun and make the best of it.
Matthew Lillard's table wasn't too far away from ours. My sister had sent a Scooby Doo DVD to be autographed and he very graciously signed it for us. Keith was also able to geek out over Matthew's recent work in Twin Peaks.
This is Myra, one of the owners of the show. She came over to thank us for coming out.
Coolest cosplay ever? Does everything she own look purple now?
As I mentioned yesterday, Kyla Kennedy's booth was right across from ours. She's a total sweetheart and used to watch Adventures in Babysitting all the time. Since she was stoked for this photo op, we realized we need to be much better at asking celebs to pose with Keith using this backdrop. So fun!
Keith met Cousin Itt!
This was actually from back at the room, but I thought the Do Not Disturb sign was funny.

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