Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Yestercon (Part One)

Aside from the bomb threat that ended the event (more on that later), we had a great time at Yestercon this weekend. 
This is Scott who puts on the event. He did a great job! Up until the end everything was going really well.
Our booth all set up!
The only problem with having the background a smidge away from us? People taking pics with it on their own without paying the money. Grrrrr.
Behold our new black plates. Really cool, right?!?!
They had some super fun photo op stuff.
Who didn't have this background for school pics? I love it!
We had fun!
Keith Coogan action figure - Star Wars wardrobe sold separately.
Pinky Coogan action figure - Duran Duran and '80s paraphernalia sold separately.....

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