Friday, May 30, 2014

Tim Minchin: Musical Genius

Up until last year, I didn't really know much about Tim Minchin, other than he guest starred on Californication as a total rock and roller and was really great and funny on the show.
Then Keith introduced me to a few of his songs and they made me laugh. Knowing he's a huge fan, when I saw tickets available for Tim's show last night, I just had to surprise Keith with them.
Since I didn't really know what to expect, I was just hoping that Tim would be funny enough to entertain us and that I wouldn't be bored.
Man oh man, I totally underestimated what a comedy genius this guy is. I mean, WOW. From the first song on we were completely and totally mesmerized.
Tim was funny, irreverent, sarcastic, crass, intelligent, and real. Although it was in a theater venue, it somehow still managed to feel like an intimate setting.
When he's not telling hysterical stories or beat boxing on the microphone, Tim spends the rest of the show displaying his off-the-charts musical talent on the piano. This man is incredible and if I could I would follow him around the world just watching his sets. That's how amazing he is. Nicely done, Tim. Bravo! Just wish we already lived closer and could've waited around after to try to meet him...maybe next time. :)

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Kilian said...

I agree it was a great performance. I drove from Tucson and rented a motel room for two nights to see the show. Worth it.