Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jason Priestley's Book Signing

The other night we met up with my girl Lindsay from to finally see one of the cast members she had yet to meet from our beloved Beverly Hills 90210, Brandon Walsh Jason Priestley.
Although I'd met Jason at Sundance in like 2003, I hadn't seen him since and thought it would be fun to watch Lindsay finally get to meet him.
I have to admit, he was looking rather fine. I mean, I was always a "Dylan" girl, but Brandon was totally looking hot that night.
As you can see, we were instantly BFFs.
I'm not sure what we were so heated in conversation about, but it must've been good.
Afterwards we all posed together (plus you can see my awesome dress I bought with my birthday money - Love. It.) 
Look how happy she was! So cute.

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