Thursday, May 15, 2014

Birthday Trip - Part Four

Our extraordinary birthday adventure ended on, well, my birthday. Funny how that happened, huh?
I woke up to a bathroom filled with pink flamingos - we'd been flocked!
How sweet was my loving husband to get these on his own and set them up all over?
Too cute! Love it!
He gave me these original albums from some of my fave films - the Pretty in Pink album is even PINK! Does he know me, or what?
After checking out of paradise our hotel, we headed over for the perfect lunch - Splash Cafe!
My fave place to eat in Pismo! YUM YUM YUM.
Apparently, the day was all about great food because after we got home, we had dinner at my fave restaurant, Outback, with my dad.
Again, YUM YUM YUM. Thanks, Dad!
My sister's family met us back at the house for cake and ice cream.
How cute is my preggers sister?
Pictures compliments of my handsome hubby, Keith.
Making a wish! Did it already come true?!!? Oh, wait. Nope. Still at work. Not back at the beach. Bummer.
What day would be complete without a family picture?
Oops, almost forgot Sammy (and my Dad, who wasn't feeling like taking Thanks so much to all my friends and family who made my day amazing - and especially to Keith, who makes all my dreams come true. Love you, babe!

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