Friday, May 30, 2014

Bob's Big Boy May Be Stalking Me

Before our big night out at Tim Minchin, we headed over to Bob's Big Boy for a yummy dinner. I mean, really, you can never go wrong with Bob's Big Boy.
Of course we had to get the obligatory picture outside.
This was hanging on the wall by our table. I'm not going to lie: It kinda creeped me out. How is he going to "take care" of me?
We noticed he was photobombing us in our selfie. What the heck, Bob?
When I posted the picture on Twitter, he favorited it! What? Bob's stalking me on Twitter?!?!
If that wasn't bad enough, he liked my picture on Instagram! I can't shake this guy! When I get home from work today, do you think he'll be waiting for me? LOL.

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