Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sunset at the Beach

While I realize these may be mean pictures to post in light of the polar vortex (whatever the heck that is), I couldn't help but share these cute pics we took down at the beach last night.
We were trying to document my hair color while also attempting to get the beautiful sunset in the background. I'm not sure we were able to both in one picture, but at least we've got a lot to choose from.

Sammy was super stoked to run around the beach - he ran up one side and down the other. He had a blast.
Our flash would only work when it felt like it, so please forgive these less-than-stellar pictures.
Here's a nice bright view of the hair - I used a new color. It's a bit shocking!
I love how the light hits Keith's tooth and makes him seem gangsta like he's got a gold tooth. Makes me laugh.
Eureka! I think we've got it! Now we're cooking with gas...

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