Monday, January 13, 2014

Pinky's Fandance - Lydia Cornell

Lydia Cornell is a total sweetheart. She's a friend of Keith's from a movie they did together called Cats Dancing On Jupiter where, I believe, they played husband and wife. Although she came to our wedding, I had no idea when we sent out the invites that we were inviting "the blonde" from Too Close for Comfort! I LOVED that show growing up!
Lydia was at the show with a few other cast members from her show and it was great to see her. She has such a kind and warm energy to her. Love her.


Just Becks said...

So, funny story. I was outside enjoying the ocean view from the balcony at your wedding, when a sweet woman came up and asked if I would take her picture. THIS is the sweet woman! She was very sweet, introduced herself, and we took pictures of each other. Then we chatted about the beautiful wedding, and how we knew the bride and/or groom. She simply said Keith was a friend (which was how I described you). Too funny! It wasn't until I saw Lindsay's pictures that I realized who she was! Glad I didn't - it was much more fun talking to her without knowing. Anyway, thought you'd get a kick out of that :) Cheers!

Fans and Friends of Lydia Cornell said...

Thank you, Loved the wedding. You guys are so wonderful!!