Monday, January 6, 2014

Damn You, Hot Topic

Damn you, Hot Topic! What are you, following me around and looking in my brain? It's as though you knew exactly what to make that would make me want to sell my left kidney in order to buy your amazing merchandise.
The first problem? Adult apparel from The Little Mermaid. One look at this stuff and I lost my damn mind. 
I mean....come on. A shirt AND a purse?!?! Who can resist? Let's not forget I have an Ariel tattoo. So, you can see why this line of merchandise would be a problem for me.
To add insult to injury, they didn't just stop there. No, no, they couldn't just leave well enough alone. Not only did they have stuff from The Little Mermaid, but they had a shirt from The Breakfast Club! On a related note, I *may* be wearing it right now.
And a purse, too! Honestly, they are trying to kill me. How did they know I have a purse fetish?
Oh yeah, did I mention the freaking Sixteen Candles purse?!?! Again, I say, damn you, Hot Topic!
They had a shirt with that same image from the purse above, but I rather like this one better. Jake Ryan, I still love you so.

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