Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sundance Friends

After the celebs fled the Festival, there wasn't much to do in town aside from working my last shifts and heading down to SLC to see some friends. Before I left town, I had a few more fun times in PC & SLC.
Here are me and Heidels on our last day of "hunting" in Park City.
My girl, Brittany, and I on our last shfit together.
My main guy, Pants. Love.
One of my longtime "bosses" at the Festival - Phil (no, not the one who messed up my schedule).
My new Sundance crush, Andrew.
My dear friend Rachelle from "lame job" - we had lunch before I left.
Sammy and I stopped to see Tracie before hitting the road. Great to see her!
Our last stop before the murky roads...Debra and Little Miss! Krispy Kreme donuts for the win! :)

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