Friday, January 18, 2013

Ringo Starr FAIL

The big news of the day was that we got a tip about Ringo Starr being at a premiere. Not really thinking we'd be able to get a picture with him, but still wanting to try, we ventured down to the theater hoping for a miracle.
I mean, at the very least, we'd get to see a Beatle in person, right? Sadly, he wasn't having it. This was right after he shot us down the first time.
 I think he was giving the peace sign here.
And this was after he shot us down the second time. Although, to be fair, we had no idea what he said. When we asked for a picture, his reply was, "bwlwkeroighoadkfoawekfniet." Direct quote. Perhaps he was saying, "Hey, wait around later and get a joint one with me and Paul." Ha! I wish!

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