Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pressing Hello Kitty Updates

Come on, Pinky. Is there really a time when a Hello Kitty update is pressing? Well, apparently, the answer is YES.
First of all, when Googling myself yesterday (don't judge), I came up with a lot of Pinky Lovely stuff. Who knew this even existed? And with a mustache to boot? Fun fact: There's far more evidence of me when you Google "Nick Rhodes Pinky" than when you just Google "Pinky Lovejoy." True story. Pretty sure that means Nick Rhodes is my destiny.  
Tori Spelling threw one of her 235 kids a Hello Kitty party for her birthday. Lucky girl! I want a Hello Kitty party with a cake bigger than me. Sheesh.
McDonald's is currently offering Hello Kitty toys in their Happy Meals for girls. This one even winks (!). I had no idea Hello Kitty enjoyed painting. Thank you, McDonald's, for allowing me to purchase a toy without buying an entire meal. WINNING.
Finally, this is my brand new headset for all the time I spend talking on the phone in my car (thank you, Groupon). This will please Crush to no end as he hated the horrible huge headset I've been rocking - it looks like I'm the Starship Enterprise commander (Note: I don't really even know what that means, it just sounded good at the time).  

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