Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nick Rhodes, My Heart Still Beats For You

As we haven't had any news on my main man, Nick Rhodes, lately, I thought I'd fill you in with my heartbreaking devastation: He. Met. Someone. Nope, not me. Someone OTHER than me. Can you believe it?!?! Even worse? She was (oh, the horror), a fellow DURANIE, and they met backstage in Rome (my favorite city in the world). CURSES, I say! Curses!!!
I mean, seriously, how did this not happen to me? How did he not see me across the room, the stage, or the parking lot where I *may* have been camped out waiting for him, and realize he's my destiny? Doesn't he know you can't escape fate?!  Nick, my love, please, by all means, have your fun. But when you're ready, when you're REALLY ready to settle down with a good woman who will love you for the rest of your life and take care of you and appreciates you for the genius that you are (I'm not saying she doesn't....I'm just saying I could do it better), please give me a call. I've loved you for 36 years and I'll love you forever. Your signature is tattooed on my skin, for heaven's sake. HOW MUCH MORE LOYAL AND DEVOTED COULD I POSSIBLY BE?!!? I love you. That is all.

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