Friday, January 4, 2013

Sephora WIN

OK, I'll admit it: I'm a bit of a Sephora virgin. Although people have been sending me things for years from this store, I never really knew much about it except that it had a cool logo.
My dear friend Lindsay from has been showing me the beauty of the store for the past year or so. We've visited various locations in LA several times and each time it's been an extremely pleasant experience. The staff is very helpful and they have everything you can imagine inside to buy.
Of course, that's not to say it's not without a price...the stuff can be on the pricey side. But, it's worth it. Plus, the entire experience makes it OK.
The reason why so many people have sent me things from this store is that they have a really cool Hello Kitty line with the most amazing products. I love them all.
One of the best parts about the store, aside from their customer service, is that they have a really great return policy. Because of this, I was shocked to have a really terrible experience at the Thousand Oaks location on Christmas Eve when I was returning one of my glitter eyeliners (with a receipt even). The girl was downright rude and I was shocked because it had never happened at a Sephora before. I ended up writing their customer service department and letting them know because I was really disappointed and didn't want to return to that location again. To my surprise and delight the manager contacted me and asked me to stop by for a little gift. Well, there was nothing little about it! In addition to the awesome bag, it was filled with all these goodies (minus my wallet - I'm not sure why it's in the picture). And she couldn't have been nicer - she even hugged me when I left. I will definitely return to Sephora and truly appreciate their sincerity and desire to correct a bad experience. Way to go, Sephora! You rule!

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Just Becks said...

Dang! The Sephora here in Bakersfield has a couple of cool girls, but I hate going because the mall is SO GHETTO! And the ghetto-ness runs into the store, trashing the place. There's no way I would "try" any of the makeup here. Sigh. Very cool that the manager did that for you though. I loved Sephora in Houston, and now order from them online. They're a great, great store (usually) :)