Monday, May 7, 2012

Pinky's Fandance - Jessica Sanchez

Here's what's funny about meeting Jessica Sanchez: Lindsay and I had no idea who she was. Well, let me correct myself: I know who she is on the show, but I didn't recognize her or understand why she kept getting in pictures with Joshua Ledet. We just thought she was some picture crasher. In fact, when I got my picture with Joshua, Linds said Jessica tried to get in the pic and she was like, "WTF?!"
Cut to five minutes later when we realize our mistake. Duh. Luckily Jessica was still hanging out and posing for pictures so we were able to explain ourselves and get our picture. Phew - that was close! She had blue streaks in her hair, which is why it threw me (I didn't see the blue streaks when she performed the night before).

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